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About Us

Gallery H evolved from a dream artist Henryk Topolnicki has had for quite a long time. After more than 20 years as a designer-maker and public artist, he decided the time had come to create, make and sell work in his own space. Together with his partner Merren this dream has now become a reality, embraced by both. Actually, for Merren, who lived in Sydney for many years, it is to some extent a journey home as she was born and spent her early years in the countryside half an hour from Dargan.

Gallery H is not a fine art gallery, it is a place encompassing wild, urban, industrial, agricultural and more.

Some works are on the serious side and some are a little left of centre. Lots of materials are recycled, very often reaching back into Australia’s farming and industrial past. Some sculptural pieces come courtesy of Lithgow Tip! (Waste Management Centre to younger generations).


This is not your typical art space, we are attempting to create a place of diversity, fun and a bit of a visual challenge. Many pieces encompass tools of the past, while others are rooted in the present and sophisticated technologies.

We are not fine art…we are finer.

Welcome to our new venture; enjoy viewing Henryk’s work and the work of another dozen artists represented by us.

We live and work in the wild country. Does the art reflect this………come and see.


Art for all elements